Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Shipping through Sunday Decemeber 15th

It's the last minute rush and you need a present for that Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Star Trek and Big Bang Theory fan. What are you gonna do? Head to our website or our Etsy shop because we've got every thing covered plus free shipping on all domestic orders, excluding the Prison Break Pack with our One Less Governor tee and Walking Dead watch. Because that is such an unbelievably awesome deal already :) On our website, no code is needed, you just won't get charged shipping. On Etsy, use code FREESHIP.

We just sold out of medium One Less Angel tees until we reprint so get the other sizes you need now!

Thanks so much for a great year and we look forward to adding more awesome designs that make you laugh in 2014.

Shelley & Ted

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prison Break Pack!

Who's trying to break IN to the prison on the Walking Dead? Zombies and the Gov, that's who. We've paired them up with our awesome Prison Break Pack. You get our One Less Governor tee plus a limited edition Vannen Walking Dead Horde 2 watch, both for only $59.99 plus shipping. The first edition (HORDE) of these artist watches was at San Diego Comicon and they sold out immediately. Now Vannen has released Horde 2, with a retail price of $60. But through our special promotion, you get both our Governor tee and the watch! We only have 10 watches in stock, so when we run out, that's it.

The prison break fun pack is the perfect gift for the Walking Dead fan in your life, so order now and check that person off your list! Order here: More watch images are below and the watch description and specs are:


  • Wrist Size: Medium-Large. 8.50 Inches Max.
  • Crystal: Plastic. Flat w/ pad-printed White Index Markings.
  • Movement: Three-Hand Japanese Quartz.
  • Dial: 34.8mm, Matte, Black and Grey.
  • Case: 43mm, Plastic, Matte Black.
  • Buckle: Plastic, Matte Black.
  • Loop: Plastic, Matte Black w/ Charlie Adlard Logo.
  • Straps: 22mm Wide, Plastic, Glossy, Screen Printed Black & White.
At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Vannen Watches joined forces with Skybound Entertainment to release "HORDE", a limited edition Walking Dead wristwatch featuring glow-in-the dark detail and artwork by Charlie Adlard. "HORDE" was a huge success at SDCC, but was never available in stores. The Walking Dead fans demanded more, so Vannen and Skybound teamed up again to release, "HORDE 2". This new watch features the same sinister artwork as the original "HORDE" watch minus the glow-in-the-dark detail and hand-numbered packaging. Created specially to meet demand of the fans, "HORDE 2" is available NOW as open edition at a lower, fan-friendly price.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doctor Who fun pack sale!

We have put together all of our coolest Doctor Who merchandise into one awesome fun pack at a really great price! For less than the cost of two shirts, you can get our One Less Angel t-shirt, our One Less Exterminator t-shirt, a Dalek Exterminate lanyard, a Don't Blink rubber wristband and a Series 1 Microfigure. And it's all for only $39.99 plus shipping. Buy for yourself and get ready for your 50th Anniversary viewing party or get the perfect gift for your favorite Whovian!

You can get it from our website here and we'll ship it out asap. Hurry, this special deal ends at midnight on Sunday, 11/17/13!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Code name: LOSER for $4 off, but you're still winning!

We pulled 2 names out at the same time, so WE HAVE TWO WINNERS! Mike Miller and @sammaLG ! Email me the size and shipping address to shelley at 
If you didn't win, you can get $4 off this or any shirt at our Etsy shop, use code LOSER thru 11/16. You'll always be a winner to us!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Doctor Who contest!

WIN THIS SHIRT! To celebrate our new One Less Exterminator shirt, we're giving one away. All you have to do is tell us what you're most excited to see in 50th Anniversary Special by Thursday 11/7 (tomorrow) at 10 pm EST and we'll randomly pick one winner. Post your comment here, comment over on our Facebook page, or tweet us. One entry per person allowed.

The shirts are already available on our website at and in our Etsy store as well. If you can't wait to see if you've won or have a lot of Whovian friends that you need to get 50th Anniversary party gifts for, head on over and order now! We've got stock in sizes up to 4xl and when you buy 2 or more on our website, shipping is FREE!

Good luck!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Salute to Supernatural Chicon!

WOW! What a great time we had at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural Chicago convention. Truly, Creation puts on one of the most intimate and personal fan experiences out there. Not only did we have a great time, but we sold a lot of shirts and merch and met some great new people too. Below is my video diary of the event. I can't wait until the next show!

Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) - gorge!


Two hot chicks and their drinks

Scary karaoke

Richard Speight (the Trickster) and Matt Cohen (John Winchester)

KEVIN TRAN!! (Osric Chau) He's my new favorite!

Sebastian Roche (aka Balthazar)

OH MY GOD CROWLEY! (Mark Sheppard)

I wish Jensen was talking to me... Nope, that's Osric right there


Best manwich I ever did see

Misha Collins (aka Castiel) - You know I gave him a One Less Demon shirt

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shutdown shirts!

So 14 days in to this government shutdown and I JUST NOW realized that we have the perfect shirts for just exactly this situation! No, we can't solve the shutdown with our humor, but we can send a message to Congress. No matter which side you're on (or arguably, there is no good side here), the sentiment on our two One Less Politician shirts is pretty universal for everyone who is sick of the partisan BS, the politicians in-fighting that has zero to do with 'by the people and for the people' and the fact that it seems like not one of them is any good at their jobs.

One Less Politician, the True Walking Dead and One Less Politician, One Stronger Nation.

Free shipping right now, great gift for yourself and your friends.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

One Less Governor this season on the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season premiere is tonight (YESSSS!) and we've geared up with a hilarious, brand-spanking new t-shirt! We don't know what the fate of Rick Grimes' nemesis, the Governor, will be this season, but we sure do wish Michonne finished the deed back when she took out his eye on front of his wall of tanks.

You can order our new One Less Governor shirt on our website or on Etsy, with free shipping in the US. We'll be getting these tees printed and shipping out by the end of October, so order now to get your size included in our print run.

 In the meantime, we'll be sporting our One Less Zombie tees and celebrating our return to the prison!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Supernatural season premiere and new shirt with free shipping!

Tonight's Supernatural season 9 premiere can not come soon enough! After being told for years to watch it, I've fallen in love with those Winchester boys at long last. And as these things go, when I fall...we design a new t-shirt. We wanted something that can be worn by all demon-hating souls, but also spoke to the ever recurring nemeses of our boys. Whether it's Crowley or the original yellow-eyed demon, or even one of the two Megs, our One Less Demon design covers a lot of ground. In celebration of the new tee, shipping is free on all shirts on our site (within the US). So shop now and show Dean, Sam and Cas that you're on their side.

We are also extremely excited to let you know that we'll have this shirt and many more with us in the vending room at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural, October 25 to 27 in Chicago. If you're going to be there, stop by and say hi!

And for a little parting gift, Carry On Our Wayward, a montage of the Road So Far, all the way back from season 1.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wizard World Ohio Comic Con!

We'll be vending at our first Wizard World Comic Con this weekend! We're really excited to start out with Wizard World Ohio because last fall we heard so many great things about this show. We've got three new designs to showcase, two of them are not yet available on our website so they are exclusive to the show. Our new Big Bang Theory shirt, One Less Insufficiently Intelligent Person, is fully stocked and ready to go for the season premiere on Tuesday right after the comic con. We've also got a few additional fun things that you can't find on the site like Don't Blink bracelets and Dalek lanyards. Stop by booth #515 and see us!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who's the next Nemesis? Help out and get a free tee!

Who's the baddest baddie you want taken out on a shirt?

We're ready to start working on some new designs and we need your help! Our goal is to keep adding more funny, inspired t-shirt designs based on the demise of some of the biggest baddies around. After all, our brand IS One Less NEMESIS. (NOT one fewer. those people who correct me when they see my shirt can suck it.)

Focusing on popular arch-nemeses and villains, who would you like to see bite it on a shirt? And what should their demise be? We've already got decapitated zombies, vamps burned in their coffins, Weeping Angels taking a big hit. So who should be next? Tell us in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook. Or you can email me at If we pick your idea and have it printed, we'll send you the shirt for free.

Keep those ideas coming!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The blast that was Gen Con

Wow, what a great show we had! This was our best event to date and we couldn't be happier. The people in Indianapolis have always been good to us (that might be why I call it my home.) In fact, one of our most successful Creation Entertainment Twilight conventions was the Indy con.

One of the best things to happen at Gen Con (aside from selling lots of t-shirts, lanyards, Zoms and Star Trek Insignia pins) was all of the great feedback we received. We've been doing this long enough now to see the patterns of how people check out our designs and our brand. There is often a small crowd around our booth and they're all reading each shirt carefully, chuckling to themselves and pointing out their favorite designs to their companions. What was even more awesome this time was that we had a lot of people then tell us how funny/awesome/smart/hilarious our brand, concepts and designs are. We have always thought so, but it sure is a great feeling to hear it over and over again from people seeing us for the first time. Thanks to Gen Con and thanks to Indianapolis for an amazing show! We CAN'T WAIT for Gen Con 2014!

Below is a picture diary of the event. Set-up seemed more challenging than many we've done in the past (we really only had one day to do it and that's just not enough) but tear down was faster and smoother! At least we were winning at one end because we've certainly had shows where both sucked :)

Our next show is Wizard World Ohio September 20 - 22, come out and see us!

The blank slate

Giant board with all vendors and THERE WE ARE

Yes, people still play Yu-Gi-Oh

Ted's very first trip to Wal Mart evaaaah

Whew! The booth is all ready to go!

Another view

The evil-ness of Gigi's cupcake truck was laying in wait...

Look at our new Settlers of Catan t-shirt!

Poison Ivy and Deadpool - they were super cool!

OMG I loved these guys

This gorilla girl was SO awesome

It's Poison Ivy from day 1, now PowerGirl!

Powergirl and Horace of the Zoms!

Darth actually made those heavy breathing sounds

More Gen Con cosplay fun

I forced Ted to run after Daenarys for this shot

She had the best cosplay!

Our Saturday ace sales team (until Joey went to play D&D)

Finn and Princess Bubblegum

OMG! Our shirt in the wild on day 3!


She's trying really hard not to blink

In fact, she has to hold her eyeballs open...

Joey and his friend cleaned up with new D&D guys

I'm gonna get the Doctor...

Cupcake in the wild on day 4! Love it!

Foam sword making!

What city?? Oh that beautiful shot is INDY

There's a knight in our midst!

Uh oh. Now they're hooked on Portal...

Our Weeping Angel made it on someone else's Instagram

All packed up! Next show - Wizard World Ohio!

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