Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buy One Tee, Get One Free Sale!

We have just launched the biggest sale in our company history tonight: a Buy One Tee, Get One Free Sale! On both Etsy and our website, for any one tee you buy, you get the next one free! Here's how it works:

On the Website - browse our shirts and pick those that you want. Click on one of the shirt pages, select the desired size of that design, then in the box (shown) enter the second tee design name and size! We'll get your info when the order is processed and if we have any questions, we will email you!

On Etsy - Order both of your shirt choices and use code TWOTEES. The code will automatically apply the discount on the second tee. Super simple!

So stock up fast for yourself or your friends while the best sizes and designs are available! We have tees for Doctor Who, Walking DeadSupernatural, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, Movember, Star Trek, Settlers of Catan - truly something for every fan!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gen Con!

We've been busy launching and growing our Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ business over the last several months and moving toward journal-focused shows and events. BUT this week at Gen Con will be one of the few opportunities to pick up One Less Nemesis tees and merch at a show! We are bringing our 8 top designs, along with Supernatural bracelets, Tardis Key and charm necklaces and Walking Dead watches and Funko plushies. We're in booth 1954 so get to our booth early to check out the best selection of merch and sizes before they're gone!

We are also offering a free photo-op with a Weeping Angel! The angel will be in the booth from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday 8-16.


We have our Con*Quest Adventure Journals up for pre-order. If you'd like to order, you can pre-order Gen Con, Chicago Wizard World and NYCC journals and bags (for $5 off show price) in our One Less Nemesis Etsy shop.

Stop by and see us at Gen Con in booth 1954 and get your picture with the Weeping Angel on Saturday 8/16 at 11 am!

See you at the show!

Monday, July 28, 2014

51 Hours Left on our Kickstarter!

We're 76% funded with 51 hours to go! Please tell everyone you know and share this link: Help us get through this last push! Even if you don't go to cons, you may have friends who do! Plus it would be a great gift :)
Thanks so much for the support!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gen Con Reward Level on Kickstarter!

We love Gen Con and had the most awesome show last year as first time exhibitors! This year we are excited to bring our Con*Quest Adventure Journals to the show for the very first time. So we created a Gen Con reward level on our Kickstarter! Pledge $30 (that's $10 less than our normal retail!) or more and you get a journal and bag, for easy pick up at the show in our One Less Nemesis booth 1954! Due to popular demand, we added 100 more journals to this reward! Check it out and pledge if you can, we’d love for you to have a journal to capture every single moment of Gen Con, August 14-17 at the Indiana Convention Center!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Con*Quest Adventure Journal Kickstarter!

Ted and I have been in business together for five years, building the One Less™ Nemesis t-shirt brand and going to lots and lots of conventions. We’ve been to industry trade shows, Star Trek conventions and comic cons both large and small. I left each show with bags and envelopes and folders of my autographs, photo-ops and signed comics and put them in a closet. Those funny cosplay pictures stayed on our phones, never being laughed at again.

Then in January of 2014, while at a comic con, we walked past a journal booth and a photo sleeve booth and said to each other: why hasn’t anyone every made a journal especially designed for comic cons? Big enough for the photo-ops, with enough room to stick pictures all over the pages? And then when fans are standing in line or at a panel, they can take notes and write funny stuff down? We should do this! So we  did. The Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ debuted in March of 2014. Handcrafted in the US with completely original artwork designed especially for comic con fans, it’s the place to stick, stuff and journal your con adventure.

We want to take this business to the next level and we need your help. Please check out our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, support us if you can and tell everyone you know about it. We know this is the next big thing. And we'd love for you to be there with us, every step of the way.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So the story goes that one day, Ted was on the slopes of Steven's Pass with his son, snowboarding. There were a bunch of skiers doing what skiers do...getting in the way. Ted mumbled to himself "If there was just ONE LESS SKIER on the slopes today..." and thus our brand was born! Since then, we evolved from a board sports brand to a pop culture brand and I've been dragging this guy to every con and event you can think of. Today I want to say thank you for being annoyed at those skiers and starting this brand. It's been an amazing, fun ride the whole time! Happy Birthday, TT!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

C2E2 Here We Come!

For the second year, we will be exhibiting at C2E2 in Chicago April 25 to 27 at McCormick Place! We're in booth 743 We had a great time last year at the show and are even more excited for this year.

We have lots of new tee designs we're bringing, like our Sherlock inspired One Less Bore tee and our Walking Dead inspired One Less Governor tee.

We also have some really fun extras in the booth: Tardis Key necklaces, Tardis earrings, Funko Walking Dead Daryl and Well-Zombie plushies Walking Dead watches, Supernatural salt necklaces and Star Trek Insignia pins.

 A Weeping Angel will be giving our booth a visit on Saturday! Stop by, get a free picture with the Angel and grab a One Less Angel tee.
We are also featuring our brand new, Show Exclusive Con*Quest Adventure Journal™! It's your place to stick, stuff and journal your convention adventure. From your favorite vendors and artists, to autographs, cosplay and photo-ops, there’s a place for anything and everything you do at a convention. You can pre-order HERE and get a free canvas tote to carry it in! All pre-orders can be picked up in our booth. Also, if you're one of the first 25 customers at the show to buy a journal, you'll get the tote bag free! We'll have additional pages and photo sleeves available in our booth as well. Everyone is going to want one of these, we've been selling out at the show with our previous version.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emerald City Comicon Recap!

No matter how long we've been doing cons and events, each one is its own individual experience with its own individual challenges. Emerald City Comicon made sure we knew that! Our setup was one of the longest setups we've had. We decided that when shows are local to one of us, it's almost more work because we can keep tweaking and changing things up to the last minute. But we were so happy with how the booth turned out and we had a great show!

We also brought our new Con*Quest Adventure Journals™ to the con, as well as our full line-up of tees and merchandise. Friday was definitely our strongest day at the show. Some of the most fun things that happen now that we are repeating events are the return of customers from last year, seeing attendees wearing our shirts and meeting online friends and fans in person!

Here is our Emerald City Comicon experience in pictures:

I was busy making more these and Tardis key necklaces every night

Our Con*Quest Adventure Journals™!

Fiona, Marshall Lee and BMO

I always get goosebumpy when I see R2

Long line just to get on the escalator

Best Game of Thrones Cosplay ever

Show Exclusive BOOM! Adventure Time comic


We love these guys! We're Instagram friends and finally met in person.

The Oatmeal's drawing in my Con*Quest journal
The Oatmeal signed "Mrowwy Night"
Osric Chau (aka Supernatural's Kevin Tran) with his loving fans

We love Osric so hard, he spent some time with us Saturday

Tardis and Dalek worlds collide

Hand painted Walking Dead Vans

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

Don't know what we'd do without Jimmy John's. AND they deliver to the convention center, so I made him sign my Con*Quest Journal

Weeping Angel cosplay

Return customer sportin' our Bird of Prey Star Trek tee

Totally robotic Dalek
ThrowBoy pillows cracked us up, great vendor at the show

LOOOONG line for airport security at SEATAC

Next up is C2E2 in Chicago! Come see us in booth 743!
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