Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Less Bully Design Now Available for Purchase!!

We just added our new One Less Bully design to our website, now available for order! We're pretty excited about this design for a lot of reasons. We originally talked about a shirt with this theme a year ago, but we weren't sure that it would be relevant enough for people to want to buy and wear. A year later, it seems everyone from Ellen to Dr. Phil is talking about bullying. So we started getting feedback from our designers and our followers on Twitter about their ideas and what our design should look like and how we represent this idea.

This was actually a really challenging task. We are by nature kind of a violent brand. I mean, taking out obstacles that stand in your way is not always nice or pretty. But we wanted our message to be one of hope, unity and caring. How do we do that while wanting to stamp out a bully? Surely the little guy beating the crap out of the bully (while a fun thought) is not exactly the way to go here. Then Ted said "what if we had a group of people standing together against a bully? You know, Stand Together to end bullying?" So our crazy creative brief basically said that, along with a few other key phrases like "Bullies Suck."

Daniel Alfaro (see his site: was first to respond and we are so glad he did. Our One Less Bully, Stand Together design incorporates Ted's vision of people standing together, becoming a larger, stronger entity than the bully (in the form of our bulldog) without using a "violence to battle violence" message. We are truly proud to offer this design. Thank you to Daniel for an amazing job!

Our next step is two-fold: first we want to find an anti-bully organization that we can work with to share part of our proceeds of our shirt sales. @wildwashington on Twitter gave us a great suggestion and Ellen's website has a few organizations as well.

Second, we're working on additional bully designs to launch. We want to have choices with different design aspects to spread the anti-bully message. Look for new designs in this line soon!

To everyone who has retweeted, encouraged and helped us along the way, thank you. We want to make a difference in people's lives, giving them a laugh as they pursue their passions but also supporting the unique individuality that makes us all genuine, passionate people. Bullies are just not part of the program.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MMA Design Ready for the Holidays and Fit Expo!

We are totally stoked to announce the launch of our latest design, our MMA-inspired OLN Fist. New-to-us designer Daniel Alfaro (see his site: developed the artwork for this one. You might be asking yourselves why we decided to have this design created. First, watching the UFC fights is a big passion of ours (well, of Ted's) Second, it's the fastest growing sport in popularity in the world (um, also per Ted...) Third, we're heading to the amazing LA Fit Expo in January and we'll be across the aisle from some of the biggest MMA stars around. We wanted to have a special logo shirt ready to go for that convention and really, One Less Nemesis as a brand is incredibly relevant to the competitive nature of MMA.

Ted was on a role when we talked about this: "Each fight represents a step for each competitor and each competitor's journey to elevate themselves in their sport, one less nemesis at a time." Yep, I'd say that sums it up. These guys are passionate about their sport and they don't let anything stand in their way. Makes total sense to me!
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