Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest blog post: Why One Less Bully is important

We received a very special and amazing blog post from one of our fans. Frankly we are one of her biggest fans. You will be too after reading this post:


I am @faerierebel and a huge fan of @OneLessNemesis. I admire
wonderful businesses who support my causes, werewolf awesomeness and
the one very close to my heart: bullying and how to weed it out of the

I am a victim of bullying. From first grade to upper level secondary
school, I was bullied. I was the ugly girl, the weirdo, the creep, the
one who should kill herself and be gone, no one wanted me or to be my

I told my parents, they told me not to listen.
I told my teacher, he told me that a horse kicks out of love too. (A
Finnish saying, meaning the boys liked me, that’s why they bullied

It was always verbal and yes, it hurt. Words HURT. They are the ones
that stick in your brain and make you think maybe you’re not really
worthy. But some words heal too. I escaped into books and rather spent
my days with Mr. Tumnus, Mathilda, The Little Women and libraries than
with actual people. And still do, books rule my life. They helped me
survive and kept me sane. They never called me bad names and were
always there.

Does it get better? How do I answer this? In my case it was
“eventually”. I survived when I finally found friends with same
interests. I owe my life to them forever. They are my brothers and
sisters and always there for me. I gained confidence with them and
allowed myself to trust them and love them. And it paid back. I am now
a strong individual who says what’s on her mind and will never be
silenced or beaten down with words ever again! I found another outlet
that allows me to perform and be my own beautiful self on stage where
a crowd cheers me on and no one calls me ugly.

The answer has to be “yes”. Always yes. No one should be alone, ever.
No child, no adult, no one. No one deserves to be alone.

I am also the person who will stop bullying when seeing or hearing it.
I will go and say or do what I have to. ONE LESS BULLY, period. If we
all stand together, no one has to suffer alone.

Take your stand and stand up against bullying. You will save someone’s
life. Trust me.

Thank you so very much to @faerierebel for sharing her personal story with us. This is really what our One Less Bully design is all about. And she said it so beautifully.

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