Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tee Madness 2012!

Who needs March Madness when there's Tee Madness?
If you haven't been following our Twitter and Facebook accounts (and why not? Come on, people!) then you may not be aware that we are in the middle of a battle to the death, just like those poor tributes in the Hunger Games. No, not really, but we are in a really cool competition put on by I Am The Trend and Blue Tide Productions (thanks guys!) called Tee Madness 1012. It's a competition in which independent t-shirt brands match up and duel it out, just like the brackets for March madness, except we win cool stuff from Storenvy, Stickermule, LaunchHype, Threadbird and Cheapest Buttons. Plus we get lots of great exposure!

We actually went through a match up drawing last Friday night and have been battling it our with Perfect Chaos Clothing (PCC). We're ahead right now (see my awesome graphic??) but they're catching back up. We've got until 8:00 pm EST tonight (March 22) so if you haven't voted, get to it! We're the fifth box down on the right, click the box and select the radio button by OLN. If it shows only voting percentages, then you or someone on your same IP has already voted. Only one vote per household per round. Thanks for the support!

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