Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zombies, Huskies and a cocktail

We're not in Indiana anymore, Toto.
It's not Jack, but we'll take it.
Booth at the Trend Show
It's been a crazy few weeks for us at OLN. I met up with my business partner in our home city of Seattle (I'm in Indiana - cyber work is awesome) and we got so much done! We went to Emerald City Comic Con, to our print shop - Gorilla - for more One Less Spartan and our new One Less Tourist Tee, then exhibited at a small apparel show. We went from checking out the huge Walking Dead table at ECCC to selling our One Less Husky and One Less Cougar tees to a store in Spokane. We are stoked! Where does the cocktail come in? One of the cool things about being involved in the fashion industry is that there always seems to be cocktails at all of the trade shows...

WTF? Who is that? Don't call me SHIRLLEY!

I was accosted by fans, bitching at me for not reading the comics yet...
Donnie Darko's bunny freaks me the eff out
The Oatmeal. Need I say more?
One Less Lannister

This one's for my boy, Adventure Time!

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