Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's MAGIC time!

No, this is not Ted. Thankfully.
No, we're not putting on capes and black hats (well, Ted wears black hats, but that's another story) and sawing a broad in two. We're exhibiting at the Magic Trade Show in Vegas in a little over a week. This is a BIG, BIG deal for us. It's an investment in the future of our brand as we present our line to the single largest event in the apparel industry in the US. Did I say it's a big deal? Yeah. But we could not be more excited!

Last February, we went to the show to really look closely at other vendors at the show and where we thought we fit in. I wrote a post all about that experience here: "Water's cool at POOL". But we didn't get in to POOL. We were very bummed, but then we were told we were actually a better fit for the STREET section of the Magic Show. WOW! Big time here, on the big show floor. We were accepted at STREET and we started getting ready.

Unbelievably excited to be on this little map
We'll be in booth 35048. We've been gearing up with labels for our shirts, notebooks and stickers to give to the buyers walking the show, plus a new catalog (picture to come). I'm sharing the pictures of a few of the things we've done so far and will keep the updates coming!

We're posting over at the T-shirt forums too, sharing our experience and hoping to meet up with other t-shirt peeps at the show. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates too!

There seems to be a mad love of these notebooks

No, we're not selling tagged Audi seats

One Less Politician, the TRUE Walking Dead

Hangtags that don't let the bastards get you down

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