Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here we go again - Magic Trade Show 2013

We're back at Magic Market Week in Vegas, it's our make-up show from our first attempt last August. You can read all about how that went down here. This time around, we'd like to think we're a bit more ready and realistic. We're hoping to make some great connections and get our shirts in front of the right people. We've already met I Am The Trend (and Storenvy) Adam Hendle, we're next to Mighty Fine's booth and we're feeling good about our set up.

This year, the Street and Slate shows were moved into the Project Show, renamed to Project MVMNT and melded into different neighborhoods. We were not sure how this would play out, but so far we feel like we've got pretty good placement and the show seems to have better flow and more professional atmosphere.

One thing we always hear from people walking by or even just people we pass in the aisle: "we love your shirts!" That's always so great to hear.

Check out our set up shots below. We'll update again with a post-show wrap up.

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Mickel Bush said...

Good to know about this trade show. Last month, I had arranged a trade show of my company at one of the lovely venues. Displayed trade show displays with help of renowned graphic designer. It was a grand event and had great time there.

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