Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The awesome-ness that was Emerald City Comicon!

What an awesome show! There were so many good things about Emerald City Comicon, it's hard to name just one highlight. First, the other vendors we were with were so cool. We met so many great people and made some awesome connections!

Then the FANS! The whole experience was excellent, but what was really evident was that everyone was just extrememly happy and excited to be there. There was a feeling of fun and camaraderie that carried throughout the event.

We've got a little picture diary below, but it doesn't do justice to the experience. Our next event is C2E2 in Chicago April 26 to 28 (nearly MY home turf this time) and we're looking forward to another excellent adventure!

First escalator ride for set up...

Empty canvas for us to create booth awesomeness

True to the city, it was raining EVERY. DAY. during set up

It's a good thing he's taller than me...

Booth 2317 all ready to go!

Ted was particularly impressed with his own lighting skillz

I was impressed with the bomb signs I created. Look at that little fella

Here they come!

Lots of crowds here


They were chicks! Totally cool

<3 a="" href="http://theoatmeal.com/" target="_blank">The Oatmeal

Double Barrel Comics were our neighbors. Coolest guys evah.

He was supposed to be next to a chick with a bird hat on.

For Joey

Look at our professional and awesome booth signage (by Ted obvs)

Happy winner of one of our giveaways!

Another happy winner :)

The little guy next to Gumby was SO CUTE

I think he was supposed to be Halo, but perhaps needed a little more training...

Super impressive Predator

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