Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I was pictured with the dead at C2E2

So I was supposed to be facing the camera so you could SEE the zombie tee
Oh yes I was. And she was a doll. Laurie Holden (aka The Walking Dead's recently deceased Andrea) was at C2E2, along with Chandler Riggs, Chad Coleman (both of The Walking Dead), James Cosmo from Game of Thrones, Kevin Smith and many more comic and entertainment guests were all at the big Chicago comic and pop culture event April 26 - 28. And so were we!

We had a table in the vendor hall. This was our first appearance at the show period. We usually try to attend a show before vending there, but the travel and time is cost prohibitive so we jumped right in. And we have to say, we love, love the people at Reedpop. They were truly awesome to work with and we couldn't have asked for better placement and personal attention. We fondly refer to Jenny, with the hot new haircut, as our girl because we just dug her that much. And Mike handled being accosted by me on several occasions with a friendly and not-at-all annoyed smile. Kudos to them both!

What a great show it was! We had our new One Less Angel tee premiering at the event (this was not surprisingly our hottest seller), plus we brought in Horace of the Zoms for a show exclusive. We sold out of Star Trek insignia pins and just generally had good sales, great visibility and lots of fun. And pizza. We had to have Giordanos. I insist at every Chicago event on eating this, even if Ted thinks the crust is like a too-thick cracker. Too bad for him.

Rather than go on and on with words, I'm just going to post the pictures with self-amusing quips for the captions. We'll definitely be at C2E2 April 25 - 27, 2014 and you should be too. Our next event is Fremont Fair in Seattle June 21 to 23, then GenCon in Indy in August.

Sold all but 1 of Horace. Damn he's so cute!

This was a popular duo: One Less Redshirt with the insignia pin. Cracked people up.

We gave away mustaches with our tee. Dirty look was free also.

Why did this set up kick our asses? No matter, it turned it freakin awesome.

I watch Face Off on SyFy. This is Anthony, the latest season's winner. Love that he was there!

The most realistic Iron Man cos play at the show.

Batman might be getting lucky.

This was on a white board at the hotel. Doctor Who is everywhere...

What was Deadmau5 doing at C2E2? I think it's because a giant mouse head cos play is fun.

He was hot.

I accosted them for this pict.

Ok, so they didn't buy shirts. But we couldn't resist. Their only payment was this shot.

Our tattoos kicked ass.

Well played, Reedpop, for calling out tweets. I felt all shiny when I saw this.

Show floor as we walked in

New stickers from Sticker Robot. They are weather resistant so they'll last for--evvv-eeer.

I went squatching and found Chewie.

Thank goodness the dude taking the picture was not blinking

My most star struck moment? This one.

Fiona and Marshall Lee! It works so well because, well, they're hot.

Up cos play. Genius.

The DOCTOR (10th) photobombed by a young Obi-Wan. My heart was aflutter.

Minecraft kid on kid's day. Everyone loved him!

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