Monday, April 13, 2009

One Less Nemesis - What's Yours?

Do you have something that gets on your last nerve? A pet peeve? A constant irritation? They're out there, tripping up our daily life and annoying us. That's what One Less Nemesis is all about and that's why we've started this blog. The designs on our shirts are just the beginning with a few key rivalries like snowboarders and skiers, pc versus mac lovers, werewolves against vampires. But there's so much more out there! We want to hear your ideas, your pet peeves, your rivals. Submit your comments below and tell us what they are. Let it out! Even if it's never on a shirt, you'll feel better that you did.


Lollipop Sucking GTO Driver said...

GADS!!! One less Phillie fan? One less Wal Mart Shopper? One less High Priced Lawyer? One less lip-injected, artificially tanned, breast-implanted, bubbly-headed Beauty?? Wait... maybe that's too much.

Anyway... Just a few suggestions there. I hope you become so swamped you take 2 seconds to look at each other and say, "What were we thinking?" Hey, it could happen.

Love and Good Luck!!!

Shelley said...

Thank you!!! We love these suggestions and hope to get many, many more!!!

H.K. said...

Are you sure you're ready for my lists of Pet Peeves because it's a lot! I'll have to organize my thoughts and come back, but I love the concept!

Here is one of my latest pet peeves.

- Rosie O'Donnel
- Paris Hilton

Shelley said...

H.K. - we are so ready for your list!

Kathy said...

One less stupid, incompetent sales clerk? One less stupid driver? (ok, maybe just no stupid people in general...and stupid not meaning IQ;I've seen some pretty stupid highly intelligent people...)One less person spitting on the sidewalk? One less Boston Red Sox fan? One less parent who doesn't give a fig about his/her kid? One less celebrity telling me their politics? One less reason to go to DMV? Hey, I could go on all day....

Hey, I wish you great success with the t shirts!! They are awesome!!

Kathy said...

After this morning, I need to add one less road raged impatient person on my tail.

Neave said...

OK, I hope to not get any dirty looks from this one, but One Less BikeRider in the MIDDLE of the ROAD! GAAH! While I am more than happy to share the road with the bikers, pleeease get OUT of my lane! Geez man! Get over already! That's what the side of the road is for people!! Not the CENETR where MY car is!

AND the people in the 10 items or LESS isle at the supermarket! Come on now!! We SEE that you have 20 items, and we only have TWO.. Get the HE** outta this line!! Some people feel so entitled!

HAHA! Ahhh, I love this! CONGRATS everyone! I wish you the best of luck!! It looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

One Less Double Bogey or even One Less Snowman (a score of 8 on the golf course) - with a pic of a golfer breaking a club over his knee?????

David said...

One Less Lawyer, please

Shelley said...

Oooo, One Less Lawyer - good one!!

DharmaMeetsDogma said...

one less -

fad/trend/style resurfacing
emo haircut
guy wearing girl jeans
texting while driving teenager
goody two shoes

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