Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Drawing Board and Keep the Ideas Coming!

We've added a new page to the site with a slew of designs that we wanted to share with you. Go to The Drawing Board and check it out. These are just a few of some of the other ideas we've had. Come on back over to the blog and tell us what you think!

We'll be rolling more designs out all the time, so be sure to keep checking back. We've already added One Less Mosquito, One Less Snake and One Less Kook/Surfboard to the mix.

We want you to keep the comments coming too! Add your favorite 'One Less' ideas in the comments section, it might just make you feel a little better to get that out!

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Shelley said...

Here's a suggestion from my friend Beags. I had to post it on the blog so I didn't forget!

Here's a rivalry for you. Skateboarders hate BMXers and visa versa but Everybody hates Roller Bladers.

Anonymous said...

still waiting for the ATV T.........

Harpedo said...

one less band instrument shirts (i.e. saxophone, tuba, trombone, etc.) I gaurantee band fags would eat these up!

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