Thursday, September 27, 2012

An apparel show, a rotting ass and the presidential debates

We've got so much good stuff coming up! We'll be at the Northwest Trend Show October 7 to 9. It's a smaller Pacific Northwest Apparel Show and we're working to get our brand in front of buyers.

We also have the political debates starting October 3, right along with the season premiere of The Walking Dead on October 14. What do these two things have in common, you might ask? A shirt, of course! A couple of our coolest friends suggested we zombify our One Less Politician shirt and our designer came up with the walking dead animal political icons. Who wouldn't want to wear a rotting elephant and ass on their favorite t-shirt?

We're also really proud of our patriotic One Less Politician, One Stronger Nation kick-ass eagle/flag tee. The sentiment behind this design is that if we had more real people running our country instead of politicians, we would be stronger and better for it.

Both One Less Politician t-shirts are only $19.99.

Thanks to Doug, a very cool guy, professional model, a friend of Ted's, for letting us take a bunch of shots of him.

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