Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Public relations, political, zombie, Bill O'Reilly Dream

My PR, if not political, hero. Thanks Bill!
I almost muted The Today Show this morning, in deference to my latest hot vampire book, so I could concentrate on the subtle nuances of fae blood and attraction to vampires. Almost. Then Bill O'Reilly came on the screen. Political debates make me very uncomfortable. Like, get-up-and-pace-out-of-the-room uncomfortable. I have a problem with people being assholes and embarrassing themselves. But we are doing a PR campaign for our One Less Politician t-shirts and one of them features the iconic ass and elephant as the walking dead. ZOMBIES! This is a kick ass shirt. So I left the TV on. I about spit my perfectly brewed Keurig coffee all over my Kindle because, much to my astonishment and utter delight, Bill O'Reilly actually says the following: “If you come in with zingers, you sound stupid,’’ he said. “They have to just occur to you. Romney’s got to have enough confidence in his intellectual acumen to get in there. But if he comes in with all this rehearsed stuff, he’s just going to come across as a zombie.’’ (clicking here takes you to The Today Show's full interview, including the quote.)
I can see Bill sporting this t-shirt now...

YES. THERE. PR GOLD PEOPLE! He linked zombie to Romney on national television! With Savannah Guthrie! The press release we previously penned linking politicians to zombies hits the net tomorrow!

So here's to keeping the volume on, even when you'd rather read about some characters getting it on (or in Sookie's case in this book, NOT.) And don't forget to get a One Less Politician, the true walking dead shirt now, before Bill O'Reilly buys them all.

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